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Age of empires updating system files

If the "Port forwarding support" feature is enabled, the game will automatically open and close the port as required.

Finally, some media players may save the playlist in UTF-16 or UTF-32 "Unicode" encoding.Some of them can be helpful in getting older systems to run, it's worth trying with each of those.If that doesn't help, try disabling the Aero theme entirely by switching to Windows basic temporarily, to see if that helps as sometimes Aero can cause problems with older games.Both AOE1, Rise of Rome and AOE2 Kings will install but fail to open once installed.I can however run the game sucessfully on an old XP desktop (Compaq), albeit with graphics issues.

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I have tried running the games in compatability mode for Vista XP an even 98 to no avail. Has some update or patch to the OS or associated systems made the games incompatible with my system or is the game just too old for a modern PC? Would be nice to get it going again and not have to hang on to an old pc just to play it.