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Team Playing of This or That For a very large group, consider dividing the group into pairs or teams of three or four players. After a set number of questions, the team with the most points wins.All members of the group must agree on the option they choose within ten seconds. If there is a tie, continue until the tie is broken.

There are two options for play: Taking Turns Have the group sit in a circle on the floor and take turns asking their neighbor a This or That question.

Encourage players to think for a second before answering.

If you wish, add another level of fun by asking why players answer the way they do – particularly fun with the couple This and That questions!

Sometimes players simply have to guess an answer as neither is one they would prefer.

When you use our lists, be selective with the questions you choose, basing your choice on the age and composition of the players.

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I just used the Octet Rules Dating Game in my chemistry class last week. It was an engaging way to introduce the octet rule.

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