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I am form united kingdom looking datingsex

On the part of women, I think as said above, there's a reluctance to somewhat "give it a go" and instead assume that a date is a lead-up to marraige.

If a man asks her out, instead of just giving an answer, she has to text all her mates and worry about what they think, much like being 14 again.

ROFL, I thought the title of the thread was "The Irish dancing/sex/virginity/women/men relationship defining debate".

Obviously I have absolutely no idea how to form a relationship because the title I thought I saw briefly made a lot of sense to me! It sounds ghey but what I'm looking for is a gf not a shag.

Irish women are often quite blokey, and Irish men often quite shy (largely as a result of being used to being told for most of their lives to **** off and not even think about it!

) Irish men and women, traditionally, dont know the little dating/flirting tips n tricks that women and men from other cultures are practically taught at birth.

I watch my mainland European male friends, literally cleaning up at parties with very basic stuff: Just looking a woman straight in the eyes with a cheeky knowing grin, and they'll be upstairs a-shagging seconds later.

Something that most Irish guys simply wouldnt ever be able to do. Many Irish ladies are still stuck with the same tecnique they used in Primary school. In recent years, both Irish Men and women have tried to make up for this deficiency by adopting a sort of caricature of what they see as mature (usually American or Anglo-style) sexuality.

I think in order to set things going I probably need to ask a question (feel free to ignore it and answer something completely different): Men were once portrayed as dominant providers who demanded sex and women as the meek caring child bearers who provided men with sex to maintain the relationship.

In general we don't do the American "dating" thing of asking out randomers on the street yet we seem very adept at scoring randomers in a drunken state at pubs/clubs etc and trying to build a relationship on a one night encounter.

This was something that I found very frustrating when I was younger; you might as well be asking an Irish girl to marry you when asking them out on a "date" - they certainly seem to treat it as such.

I think there are a number of things at play that'll largely peter themselves out over time but that we Irish are struggling with.

It's probably to do with our sudden increase in wealth as well as the dropping of traditional catholic ways - many people under 40 had no real "education" in getting to know the other sex because in times gone by their parents met at barn dances or were set up by parents and so forth.

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In a totally opposite vein, pop culture creates an expectation in young women that if a man doesn't tick every single one of your boxes, right down to the shape of his toenails, you should ditch him because he's not "Mr Right" or your mates won't like him.

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