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Currently traveling the USA in a geeked out vintage bus conversion. A new option lets couples who are in open relationships and looking for additional partners link their profiles together. The new settings mean anyone searching for open relationships will be able to find these couples, and anyone searching for strictly monogamous relationships won't see them at all.Jason Cherry’s review Adultery and fornication are both illegal in Illinois, but only if they are ‘open and notorious’.Illinois does not have a specific law against cohabitation, but only because if you cohabit while married you are guilty of bigamy whether or not there was ever a second ceremony. Given the rarity of fornication prosecutions, you are probably alright in Illinois if you live together and are not married to anyone.Jason Cherry’s review Okay, Hawaii is a damn good place to be polyamorous.It has no laws against fornication, adultery or cohabitation.It does have laws against adultery but they only come into play if your spouse charges you with adultery.Basically as long you don’t try to legally marry two people, and everyone is happy with the arrangement, you can do polyamory anyway you like in Indiana.

As far as I can find it does not have laws against cohabitation.Finding the people in our loves that touch us, enrich us and bring us closer to perfection isn't easy..it's worth the effort.You can't just throw a bunch of elements together and call it chemist In 2007 I sold my house and most my stuff, and hit the road full time.There is also no specific law on the book against bigamy.The law does specify that a marriage license will only be granted to a person who is not already married, so getting legally married to a second person would require lying when filling out a government form.

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If you are married and are polyamorous but only live with your marriage partner you will probably be alright as long as everyone is happy with the arrangement – while they can prosecute for adultery whether or not the spouse was in agreement with the relationship it probably won’t be an issue unless you end up in divorce court.