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The next time you read a message, type 'H' and the full headers will be displayed at the top of the message. , if the address is subscribed to the digest format of the list).

Once you have done that, you will receive a message at that email address with instructions on how to complete your unsubscription request.

(This is determined using the SMTP "envelope sender", not the 'From:' or any other header in your email.

So you may not have changed anything, it may have been a change to your mail server or at your ISP.) To determine what email address is subscribed to the mailing list that you are receiving the messages from, you'll need to inspect the headers of one of those messages.

We offer you the option to meet pre-screened serious women who are looking for a real relationship, not to take your money.

Thailand is fast becoming an expat must-go destination for the international community.

This is why so many genuine relationships between Western men and Thai women are healthy, happy and long lasting. You should always pay for dates and taxi cabs – this is seen as a courtesy from youas a gentleman to a woman, and because her income is likely to be about one tenth of yours.

If you consider giving gifts, they should be small and modest, and offers of money shouldn’t be handed out inappropriately to win her over or warm her to you quickly– you might end up acting offensively As a 40-something you may think it’s OK that in order to find love you can “force” the issue with money. You will only set yourself up for a massive disappointment.

First off, if your email address has changed since you subscribed, don't panic!To unsubscribe from one of those mailing lists, all you usually need to do is send an email to .You will get an automated response with further instructions on how to unsubscribe from the list.Self-respecting Thai women never visit bars, tourist spots, hotels and restaurants to pick up men.Doing so is considered wrong and left to the women who have chosen to prostitute themselves for a mere few dollars.

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Make sure to include the complete headers from one of the messages you have received from the mailing list.